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There is a Crisis in the Classical Music Crisis. This wiki defines many of the tropes found within the discussions surrounding Classical Music's purported decline and/or death.

The inspiration for this site is the wildly popular (and often humorous) TVtropes website.  This is what it has to say about Classical Music:

"One thing to remember is that Classical Music isn't 'dead'. It's alive and kicking with many great living composers and plenty of orchestras ready to perform the old standards. Recording media and the internet have made access to classical music more prevalent than ever before. If anything, classical music is more alive than it's ever been.
In truth, Classical has never been a popular style, contrary to the myth that classical was pop of its day; it's always been the domain of the well-to-do, or highly educated. That isn't the case any more. Classical Music is easily accessible for anyone who wants to hear it now. So go out and listen to it. If anyone says it's dying, or that it's too 'pretentious', just nod your head — they're the dying ones, the last of the real pretentiousness who claim pop culture killed classical, or that classical musicians are too stuffy, and hate pop culture. It didn't, it never will, and no, they don't."

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